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Based on the information you provide to the Reception team, we will ensure that you are directed to the most appropriate member of our Practice team, which includes doctors, nurse practitioners, practice pharmacists, practice nurses, physiotherapists and mental health support workers.

If appropriate you may be signposted to NHS 111, A local Community Pharmacy, Dentist, Optomertrist, Mental Health Worker or Physiotherapist. See Help Us to Help You | GOV.WALES

Appointment Types

We aim to offer a range of appointment types to suit urgency and individual needs. These include:

  • face to face appointments
  • telephone appointments

 Urgent Appointments

If your appointment request is deemed as urgent (as per the information given to the Receptionist and the training they have been provided), then you will be offered an appointment with the most appropriate member of our clinical team that day. This may be via telephone or face to face as per need/preference/available appointments.

If there are no appointments available for that day, your urgent request will be passed to a GP to assess and advise when you need to be seen and by whom.


Routine/Ongoing Concern

If you have a non urgent or ongoing concern appointments are available to book up to six weeks in advance. These routine appointments can be booked via our automated telephone system 24/7 by telephoning 01446 500562.

GP Trainees/Medical Students

We are a training Practice for  GP trainees (GP Registrars) medical students and trainee Pharmacists. On occasions you may be asked whether you mind a  student observing or a trainee recording the consultation for training purposes.  If you object, please say so.


Patients do have the right to express a preference to receive services from a particular clinician either generally, or in relation to any particular service/condition for ongoing care.

Please advise us if you have a general preference so that it can be recorded on your notes. We will always try our best to comply with any reasonable request for ongoing care; where we are unable to do so, you will receive an explanation as to why and you will be given alternative options.

We cannot accommodate preferences where you request for an appointment is deemed as urgent for that day. In this situation, you will be given an appointment with the most appropriate clinician in our team dependent on your condition and availability of appointments.


Western Vale Family Practice is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment and strives to achieve good practice at all times.

All patients are entitled to have a chaperone present during any consultation, examination or procedure. A chaperone may be necessary during any intimate examination; this is to safeguard both the clinician and you, the patient.

Where a chaperone is not available, the clinician will ask you to make an appointment and request the presence of a chaperone at the time of booking.

We only use trained chaperones. Family and friends are not permitted to act as chaperones as they do not have the knowledge required nor have they had the necessary training.

Should you have any questions, please speak to the receptionist or Reception Manager.

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